commercialThere are probably 1,000 or more ways dry ice can be used or applied.  Following are some examples of industries we service:

  • Film Industry – Utilize dry ice for special effects, application to create fog for film and television production (also known as weather effects) – Dry ice produces an opaque and odorless vapor vs. oil based fog machines.
  • Hospitals/Blood Banks – For shipping of enzymes, plasma, platelets, and various perishable products.
  • Bio Tech Companies/Research & Development Companies – For shipping and freezing of perishable products, low temperature testing.
  • Power Outages/Refrigeration Breakdowns – Requires dry ice to protect against spoilage of foods and perishable products, major food chains, ice cream companies, food warehouses.
  • Universities – Require dry ice for lab testing and shipping of deep freezing products .
  • Water Well Treating/Gas Tank Removal Companies – Utilize dry ice as a precaution against sparks which can create explosive reaction.
  • Fresh Meat Processing & Shipping – Prevention of spoilage in shipping tempered products.
  • Carbonating Beverages – Adding carbonation to beverages.
  • Food Testing Kitchens – Used for shipping samples.
  • Restaurants and Night Clubs – Create elaborate drink effects and also used in displaying specialty dishes with smoke/fog effect.
  • Industrial Cleaning – Pellet blasting for cleaning.
  • Tile Removal – Utilized to loosen glue on tiles to remove tiling.
  • Ice Cream Distributors – Utilizes for freezing ice cream.
  • Live Theater Production – Use for fog/smoke effect for live shows

KT Ice Service provides dry ice service in block and pellet form.  Products available ½” to ¾” pellets and 1½” to 2” block form packaging which can be delivered on a regular schedule or on as needed basis.   We also provide 24 hour emergency delivery service for our commercial clients, with approximate arrival time from 1 to 3 hours.

dryice_sm1We also can provide a state of the art container for storing the products we deliver (based on minimum usage requirements).

Over a long history, KT Ice has exceeded our client’s expectation for services and products with reliable on time deliveries.  Our dispatch office number is 818-929-6771.