aboutKT Ice Service is a family owned dry ice company established in 1987. Our motto is “Dry Ice when you need it – Service you can count on”. Customer service is our most important asset. This comes from 4 generations of family owned and operated ice companies which started out with my Grandfather in the 1920s who would deliver ice to homes when there was no refrigeration. This required servicing his route by physically carrying chunks of block ice over his shoulders using ice tongs to apartments and homes in New York City. He would eventually migrate his family to the West Coast at the start of World War II to begin a new life and continue his craft as an Iceman. My Grandfather and fellow Independent Ice Distributors would later establish an ice company known as Home Ice during the 1940s and continue the family tradition. As time went by, my Uncle Paul and mentor would take the reins and make his own indelible mark in the Ice Industry.

As technology progressed, and with the development of refrigeration, the ice industry has expanded to commercial packaging. Machines now produce and package ice in large quantities to meet consumer needs. Dry ice was established as a sophisticated product that could further meet the needs of consumers.

Ice is our specialty and we pride ourselves on being the best in our industry by excellent customer service, on time deliveries and the ability to anticipate our customers’ needs. We take a personal interest in our customers’ success by providing reliable service with competitive pricing.

We are a dry ice delivery service, and we also have a retail location for dry ice pick-up. Our friendly consultants are available for any inquiries and price quotes.